Jacob offered a long and gaily
coloured dress to his favourite son …
Joseph dreams and sees the sun,
the moon and eleven stars bow low
before him… (Genesis chapter 37).
These two facts are the prelude
of a drama which is going
to disrupt their fate…

The Book

This work continues a broader one related to the " Symbols in the Bible " previously published.
Symbols are not limited to actual and tangible things, trees or animals, rituals,
ceremonials or items and places of worship.
Symbols in the Bible can be found also within dreams and visions
of astonishing figures,
among kings, judges, prophets, seers or common citizens dreams.

During 4000 years these characters have transmitted messages of the divine
to all humanity through two only ways,
the dream also called the nightly vision and the vision when the seer is awakened.
In these two events, an angel meddles so as to realize
or to facilitate the connection between god and human beings.

Through the analysis and the interpretation of all dreams
and nearly all visions in the Bible,
the author has discovered the thread which links them
and their deep meaning,
as the knots were undone.

Analyzed archetypes and symbols shade a renewed and dazzling light
on facts of reality forced back in our subconscious.
These forgotten facts come out now and again through strange
or premonitory dreams.

The symbolic approach of the dreams and visions in the Bible may help the reader to improve the knowledge of oneself and thus encourage one to accept the Other.

Short outlook

In the first three chapters the author has tried to answer the pending
questions linked to the prophetical spirit and to the world of angels.
How different is a prophet from a seer, a prophet from an angel ?
Who are the false prophets and how the prophetical spirit comes,
how it could be deviated or stimulated ?
What is the meaning of a holy spirit ?
the meaning of the middle world ?
What happens during a torpor or during a dream ?
What is the mechanism of a vision ?
Then the author has analyzed the dreams and the visions in the Bible
as they come through the years,
beginning with the deep sleep of Adam,
the first spiritual man
and terminating with the dreams and the interpretations of Daniel.

  " For the first time,
Adam dreamt of a human being similar to himself,
its own reflection, at such a point he thought it was a delusion.
Actually he dreamt about a woman, the first woman in the universe,
grown from his own limbs.
A tree grows from a kernel.
Adam saw the woman molding, taking shape gradually,
from a deep bone of his being.
The eyes closed,
he saw the woman materializing and getting a human appearance,
but slightly differentiated from himself.
He opened his eyes and said :
" This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh !… "
( from chapter 4)