Albert SOUEDis an academic born in Heliopolis (Egypt), graduated in engineering and economy. He has spent part of his career in business development then switched to occupational hazards prevention.
His scope of interest is the universal meaning of the Torah hebrew language and through Kabbalah methods he has found an entirely new meaning of the Song of Songs (Shir Hashirim).
He has specialized in Bible symbols and published in 1993 "The symbols in the Bible" and in 1997 "Dreams and visions in the Bible"

Conferences and courses

Subjects of conferences and courses available :

•Origin and meaning of the symbol in the Bible
•The tree in the Bible
•The menorah, seven-branched candelabra
•The Temple of Jerusalem
•The spoken and written languages
in Jerusalem during 3000 years
•The hidden meaning of hebrew letters
•Dreams and visions in the Bible
•The meaning of the soul in the Bible and in Kabbalah
•Who was Esther and the scope of Purim
•Spinoza learned Kabbalah
•Discovering the secrets of Shir Hashirim